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garden gnome


Frakash encountered the ever vigilant and always watchful office manager that the geekmeisters called Jenny. Despite her charming appearance, she could be monstrous to an uninvited guest at the office. In no time, the stowaway garden refugee found himself being unceremoniously kicked out of the office.

Frakash was stricken with a thunder bolt of emotion. He never felt such anger in any of his past gnome lives. Wishing he could lay flat on his stomach and pound his fists and feet on the ground like he saw Laila’s children do sometimes, a dark shadow eclipsed his heart. “I belong with the geekmeisters, I want to be one of them”, Frakash found himself thinking. “No giant glass door, no office manager and no security system can keep me out”, he muttered to no one in particular. For the first time in his life, acts of mischief of a dark kind entered his fantasies; the kind that is forbidden even by the gnome essential book- Mastering the Art of Mischief of Every Kind. Frakash surprised himself with an impulsive act.

You can read the full garden gnome story as a picture book for adults here

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2 thoughts on “Adventures of Frakash … Page 4

  • Shoes for Iraq

    Let me guess. And then he exercised revenge by developing a form of mind control software, whence he set out to influence the thoughts of story-tellers all over the world to make them reveal in their works the diabolical misdeeds that went on within the smart-and-donut-happy factory. One day he settled within the mind of a young software developer named Elen. But it would be many years before he accidentally let slip to her that he had already driven several of her associates mad using the same trick. What would Elen do to him, now that she knew?

  • ihath

    Ha ha ha, Shoes for Iraq, that is a great story arc. If only Frakash would reveal to me how to make mind control software, I would be forever grateful for him