The Adventures of Frakash …. First Page 2

garden gnome
Frakash was a garden gnome who thought that magic was boring. Other garden gnomes entertained themselves by turning hideous people into frogs or sending goblins at night under the beds of children who exceeded their weekly tantrum quotas. To Frakash such pursuits seemed entirely mind-numbing. Memorizing reams of magic spells to be recited at absurd moments was not Frakash’s idea of fun at all. Like all his kin, Frakash owned a copy of Mastering the Art of Mischief of Every Kind, but his copy sat unnoticed on the shelf, the way a sundial sits in the backyard of a wristwatch owner. The entire clan of garden gnomes would consult with this mystical bible of pranks every night before diving into dream land. The following day they would explode into giggles after placing a fish behind a car’s sun visor and watch the driver’s expression when the stinky mess flopped into his lap. Another favorite act of impishness of the gnomes was to sneak up behind two people enjoying a lengthy conversation and tying their shoe laces to each other’s shoes. “How trivially silly”, Frakash would murmur and shake his head with disapproval whenever he watched his friends dashing around from one escapade to the next. Frakash was a wholly different kind of gnome, even the thought of crossing marshy bogs to charge defenseless dragons seemed futile to him. Whenever his gnome friends came to him suggesting a fair maiden rescue mission, his response was the same: “Why bother? Let the dragon keep his fair maiden …. Ayeeeeee! These princesses are so hard to please; the dragon deserves what is coming to him.” Although his friends thought him slothful, Frakash ignored them and occupied himself with gardening instead. He enjoyed planting tomatoes and tulips in unexpected places, like street intersections and roof tops of houses. The gardening occupied him, but did not fulfill him. Most of the time, Frakash sat around sighing long and languished exhales. His soul ached for an exit of his fairy-tale existence. A mysterious longing grew into an insatiable volcano in his heart.


You can read the full garden gnome story as a picture book for adults here

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