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One day this princess story just popped into my head and I had to write it down. I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away, lived a beautiful princess. The princess lived in a strange country surrounded by mountains and filled with rivers and valleys. Everybody lived a peaceful and happy life. There were no recent memories of crimes or deprivation in these lands. To the contrary, love and polite manners were the mark of the citizens of this country. Then suddenly, one winter’s night, out of nowhere, a scary monster invaded the dreams of the fair princess. Every night he repulsed the princess with his haggard appearance. He sneered his teeth angrily stomped his feet loudly and growled in heinous sounds that made even the tiniest of pomegranate pits shake in fear. He stole whatever he desired, and killed whomever he wished with nobody to defy him. The monster had declared himself the definitive master of the land.

Days and weeks passed and the poor princess woke up every morning ravaged by her sleep. She hoped that someone would rescue her from a most disastrous affliction. But all the brave heroes were in the land of sands battling a purple dragon with green teeth. After three weeks and two nights the princess became mortified of sleep and decided to pursue a life with no rest, not even a wink. But, weariness took its toll on the princess and within a month of the dreadful event she became unable to work, move or think. Even when she sat still on a chair, she felt as if thousands of needles where poking her in every pore of her skin.

And so the princess languished in despair and sat in front of her laptop. She started to search on Google hoping that she might find answers to her unique affliction. The princess searched the four corners of the internet, but hour and hours of frantic searching yielded fifty five questions and not a single solution. At the precise moment of her deepest despair was when her iPod began to play a random shuffle song from the distant land of the dunes. The Phrygian tune with its cycle of whole notes followed by semitones opened a flood of yearning that couldn’t be stopped. That is when the princess realized that the lord almighty had no intention of sending a knight in shining armor, but would rather inspire that which was not planned. The princess felt a sudden tremor in her body and stopped the random clicking on her keyboard and began to write a story.

I turned this princess story into a video which you can view here.

What is your favorite princess story? Would love to know. Leave me a comment below.

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