ihath feels envy at the Vancouver Orpheum

Last night I went to see:
Paco Peña Flamenco Company
Accompanied by the Vancouver Chamber Choir
Requiem Flamenco
In Praise of the Earth
April 6th,2007
At the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver


Paco Peña is a famous flamenco guitarist from Spain. Given my fondness of Flamenco I couldn’t pass on the chance to see him perform live. My favorite part of the show were the three flamenco singers: Rafael Moya Montilla, Miguel Perez and Eva De Dios. All three had superb moving and powerful voices that exemplify the best that Flamenco has to offer. The Vancouver Chamber Choir had good voices as well but I felt the interchange between flamenco voice and choir voices worked sometimes and didn’t work other times. When it worked it sounded beautiful but other times it felt a bit awkward. When the dancer Ángel Muñoz started dancing I found my heart being burnt with envy, wishing that one day I could dance with that level of skill. He did complicated footwork really fast, yet he made it seem effortless, he didn’t even break a sweet. I also liked that fact that he wasn’t so stuck on being the macho guy; although he looked very strong and masculine, he wasn’t afraid to perform soft movements that are more typical for woman dancers including movements that require hip shaking. The total effect was magnificent. I left the show feeling spell bound and inspired to dance.

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