Everything old is new

“I will not paint a vase of flowers” I declared to myself when I started painting. Everybody and his dog paints the vase of flowers and then when they want a change they paint potted flowers. How boring. Each time I went into an art gallery and saw flowers painted on canvas, “O that wasn’t done before …. not!” I found myself thinking.

Yesterday, I took a day off from work and ended up walking around Granville street where many art galleries are situated. It was raining heavily and I walked around with an umbrella. Art gallery after art gallery had paintings that my brain erased from memory as I was viewing them. The rain, cold and boring art was putting me to sleep and making me yearn for my bed. And then … I walked into the Bau-Xi Gallery to find vivid colors and intense emotions disguised as paintings of flowers. I couldn’t keep my eyes of the paintings … they were seductive. I am talking about the Bobbie Burgers exhibit. My absolute favorite was the picture below titled “A Burst of Emotion”.

I left the gallery feeling warmed up from all that beauty and inspired to attempt to paint flowers.

If you live in Vancouver, I highly recommend that you visit the Bau-Xi gallery this weekend, otherwise you have to contend with looking at pictures from the website of the artist and the gallery.

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