Hanthala Makes it to the Sistine chapel 1

My third painting photographed by my co-worker.


Hanthala is the cartoon character in the middle. Hanthala is the signature of famous Palestinian cartoonist Naji al-Ali’s and over time became an iconic symbol of Palestinian struggle and defiance. Hanthala is a 10 year old refugee boy with ragged clothes, bare feet and his back is always to the audience.

My husband thinks that the painting is retarded because most people in Canada don’t know who Hanthala is and most people in the middle east don’t care about Michaelangelo and therefore very few people will get what the painting is about.

While painting, I had a discussion with my kids about Michaelangelo and my son jumped up and down in excitement “Michaelangelo is my favorite ninja turtle” was declared with adoration.

I tried to explain a little about who Michaelangelo was and they nodded in agreement as if they were listening. When I finished, my seven year old daughter asked me if next time I could paint something by Danatelo because he is her favorite Ninja turtle.

I just shake my head

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One thought on “Hanthala Makes it to the Sistine chapel

  • Michelle Chantler

    Actually children come up with the most wonderfully outlandish comments, when you least expect it. The painting 🎨 though unusual, has it’s own colourful attitude, we grew up knowing MichaelAngelo, but amazingly today unless Googled many kid’s wouldn’t have a clue. Having a semi-abstract represtation of the painting, would certainly cause (hopefully) a retention of memory with the Y.A.and certainly they would have fun with the characters. Great Idea