A story of unplugging 2

Sunday, Dec 4th 9:30 am
“Make us some coffee, we are going downstairs to fix the plugged toilet. It will take us 20 minutes and when we are finished you can have the coffee ready for us”. Said my husband.

I made a pot of coffee and laid out some shortbread cookies for when my husband and his friend would finished fixing the plugged toilet in our basement.

10 am
The kids come downstairs and eat the cookies.
I pour myself a cup of coffee.

11:30 am
The coffee is already cold.
There are no more cookies left.
I hear pounding and water spraying sounds coming from the basement.
I quietly tiptoe downstairs to take a peak at what is going downstairs. I find the whole toilet seat has been unscrewed and is in the bathtub. My husband is standing in the bathtub holding the toilet and shaking it. His friend is fiddling with something on the ground.

12:00 pm
Both men emerge from the basement wet and declare that they need to go get something from outside. I give both of them dry socks to change into.
The kids go out to play in the snow. After about half an hour they come inside and I serve them lunch.

12:30 pm
Both men come back home with a long black stick that has a funny curly thing hanging of one end of it. They tell me that this thing is called “Snake”.
“Make us some coffee. It will take us 20 minutes now that we have this. When we are finished it would be nice if the coffee was ready for us”, tells me my husband.
I make a second pot of coffee that turns cold on the kitchen counter.

2:00 pm
Both men emerge wetter than before from downstairs.
“No use, we need to buy another toilet, we can’t unplug the old one, it will only cost 200 dollars”, declares my husband.
I insist that they sit down to eat lunch before visiting the HomeDepot the second time, ignoring their assertion that it will only take 20 minutes. They sit down and eat lunch. Then rush out to buy a new toilet.

3:00 pm
They come back with two heavy duty cardboard boxes.
“Make us some coffee. It will take us 20 minutes to install this thing, it would be nice if coffee was waiting for us then”. Tells me my husband. I nod with agreement but ignore his request this time. “I am not making any more coffee until both of you are sitting on the kitchen table”, I murmur to myself.
The kids have a great time playing with the two cardboard boxes. They hide in them, pretend that they are a house, then pretend they are a cho-cho train, they use them to make magic tricks …. etc. The two grown up men seem to be having even more fun downstairs as I hear more pounding, water spry sounds. I hear them talking about tools and stuff.

7:30 pm
Both men emerge from downstairs completely wet. “It is done” they declare proudly. Big smile of achievement on my husbands face. “Make us some coffee please sweetheart” he asks in an affectionate way. “How about some dinner first” I reply. I serve them dinner, then coffee and cake. Finally! they actually drink the coffee I made for them.

I tip toe downstairs and admire my husbands handy work. “The toilet seat is tilted to the right” I think to myself, but I don’t have the heart to say out loud. We could have just called a plumber, but then the kids young and old wouldn’t have had so much fun on a snowy Sunday.

All in all I had a pleasant Sunday.

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