Eye of the beholder

If somebody told me that I was prettier than Janet Reno I would feel insulted. That woman has the charm of a door knob. On the other hand, if I was compared to Kate Winslet I would find that flattering. You don’t even have to say that I am prettier than her only that I maybe remind you of her a tiny bit. Yes! I know I am being delusional here, but a woman is entitled to a few delusions.

If somebody told me that I was smarter than a bag of hammers, I would be insulted as well. I am no Einstein, but I would rather be compared to thinkers of the medium I.Q. range at least. One reader told me that my blog reminds him of the music of Fabrizio De Andre (Italian musician). I can’t think of a more flattering statement.

So, I don’t understand your pride at telling me that the coalition forces are better than Saddam and the Ba’athist party. You keep telling me that this and that is better. Is that something to be proud of? We are better than Saddam. Is that your measuring yard stick? Is that your goal? To be better than one of the worst dictatorships to exist in our modern history.

So, let me make it easy for you. Yes you, your government and your people are better than Saddam and I mean that in the most insulting sense of the word possible.

If I was you, I wouldn’t brag about that, the same way I don’t go around bragging that I am prettier than Janet Reno. I mean I am prettier, no delusions involved in this one, but it is not something I am very proud of because it is not much of an achievement. Saying it would make me seem extremely ugly.

You know how plastic surgeons have the before and after pictures.

Ugly and still ugly but less flap around the neck. That is what your bragging and American chest beating reminds me off. The still ugly women with a stretched out face satisfied with her new face lift.

As for you, I am not much impressed with you either. Bragging that you will vote for John Kerry, as if that will make a difference. Let me remind you that the democratic party is every bit as war mongering and endorses a bloody foreign policy every bit as scary. Yes, I am perfectly aware that had Al Gore won last elections he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. However, he would have been happy to continue the sanctions that were killing even more people and bomb Iraq only on occasion while keeping Saddam firmly in power. At least by invading the country, Bush brought the situation to head and is offering a glimmer of hope where there was non before. If you think that bombing a country because of non existant weapons is horrid, then howcome you are not outraged about the sanctions for 13 long years for the same fictional reason. Further more, John Kerry’s stand with regards to Palestine is even worse than that of Bush. Even more ruthless, even more inhumane. And so, faced with the choice between the neo cons that look scary but at least what you see is what you get and a hypocritical, sorry excuse, stand for nothing, bunch of whiners, good for nothing flip flopers. I can’t possibly endorse the pathetic excuse for a liberal party. A face lift is better than a face mutilation.

If I am going to mutilate my face, then I might as well submit to an already rich plastic surgeon who is about to get even richer abusing my pathetic insecurities; better than submitting to the psychopath wielding a machete because he is convinced that slicing my face is in the best interest if the world as a result of some vague lofty ideas.

I have been taking left turns at every street corner for years now and found myself going around in circles.

ihath is hoping that George Bush wins the next elections.

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