How to pray for a miracle of peace?

I examine my words like clothing in a thrift shop. Each one shedding a history, yearning to tell a new story. Hanging on a rack, I pass my fingers on the worn curves, purse my lips lamenting the incorrectness of the fit. The meaning has been recycled in too many […]

Love letter to 2023 3

My dearest 2023,  It has been a little over a week now since we first laid eyes on each other, and already you have set my heart aflutter with the gossamer wings of your captivating promise.   As we enter this new partnership, my shiny new 2023, I am filled […]

post covid life fantasy

How to Dance with Paper Streamers

I set myself a dance challenge. Dance with paper streamers. Without knowing ahead of time what will come out. I filmed myself for hours. In the end, I take the interesting bits and place them in a video. Watch what happened. Since paper streamers are fragile and dancing is a […]

Dance with paper streamers

frame story ( story within a story)

Books that utilize frame story narrative (story within a story)

Here are my favorite books that have a story within a story. Frame story is my favorite literary device. Don’t know why I am drawn to it. The very first book that comes to mind when thinking about frame story narrative is Arabian Nights. Or as we call it in […]

Explore Canada in 10 (+1) novels

Canadian literature is rich with gems worth exploring. Here is a collection of novels from Canada that will delight the most picky of readers. So what are the best of the best of Canadian novels? I don’t know. However, here are some contenders for that list. What is the criteria […]

Best Canadian Novels

30th Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Raised 3 children. Lived across 3 continents. We share 3 languages. 2 war zones plus 1 pandemic. And the adventure is only beginning. Check out the before and after picture we took on our 29th anniversary.

Top 10 books with a strong female lead

To all the strong women out there in the world. Boss ladies. Women who know what they want and go after it with passion. To all you amazing, awe-inspiring ladies, here is a list of books to boost your confidence and lift your spirit. Books that feature strong women that […]

To books with a strong female lead

Around the world in 10 (+1) books

Most of us have not been able to travel in recent months. But we can still travel through books. Join me on a dazzling adventure around the world in 10 (+1) books as we explore the most fun and daring nooks and crannies on this beautiful planet.

How to dance with a fan

How to dance with a fan?

A dance with a fan is a delicate and nuanced expression of joy. It is a form of storytelling that requires conjuring of a specific sentiment.

What is the best farewell gift for a colleague?

I have worked in offices in three continents. Upon leaving a work place I have received many thoughtful farewell gifts from colleagues which I have loved and appreciated. I have received: pen mug baked goods t-shirt candle exercise equipment art supplies plant flowers All of it is dearly loved and […]

how to regain faith after losing it?

How to regain faith after losing it? 1

Faith is the act of believing in the illogical. Although logic is a highly valuable, it does come across certain limits. Once you lost faith and reached the limits of your logical abilities, what are you supposed to do?

post covid life fantasy

Post Covid Life Fantasy

As news of a vaccine trickle in, I find myself having a fantasy about life post Covid. In that place, I hold a dinner party for 50 everyday. I am constantly going out for a fun event. Theater. Cinema. Art Gala. Doesn’t matter, as long as there are lots of […]

Famous quotes about shoes

Famous Quotes about Shoes

On a quest to find the most griping quotes about shoes, here are a list of the favorites that I have been able to accumulate so far.

How to keep kids busy at home 2

As I raised my kids without a TV at home and attempted to keep their childhood as “electrical device free” as possible, I became an expert at keeping the young ones entertained. Vancouver is a rainy city and there are weeks upon weeks where we didn’t feel encouraged to leave […]

Why a book is the best gift to give

Instead of spending your money on the predictable stuff, you can give a great creative unique gift that won’t break the bank. Let us examine all the reasons why a book is the best gift to give in the world.

why is a book the best gift

Halloween 2020

For Halloween 2020 I decided to dress as a peacock. I was inspired by the story of the woman with a feather dress from The Arabian Nights.

Dance With Balloons Challenge 3

A comprehensive step by step guide to dance with balloons. I defy you to try with without a mountain load of joy descending on your head.