Pink Tea Cup

The Pink Tea Cup

To celebrate finishing a novel, I pour myself coffee in a fancy shmancy pink tea cup. But wait? Where is this sadness coming from?

How not to speak Spanish

Speaking Spanish when you don’t really speak Spanish can lead to all sorts of trouble. Here is a cautionary tale.

Books About Iraq- Escape from Baghdad

Books About Iraq

A recommended list of books about Iraq that depicts life from the Iraqi side for a touch of balance.

Fun Bumper Sticker Giveaway (closed)

Last month I asked people to vote on their favorite bumper sticker design here.  Thank you to everybody to participated. There was a clear winner:”Home is where the car is parked.”  I had it printed.  Finally the bumper stickers arrived by mail. And yes! I did stick one on my […]

fun bumper sticker

Polka Dot Shoes

The story of how I ended up with these uber crazy over the top polka dot shoes.

polka dot shoes

Car Books : Bette Davis Club

Car Books

Where I dive into the world of novels that feature a car as a major plot line and emerge with a list of favorite car books


Cool Bumper Stickers 1

Vote on your favorite among a list of cool bumper stickers ideas to help me choose which one to hand out as a giveaway in the future.

Inspirational Books For Women

Inspirational Books For Women Giveaway (closed)

To uplift my soul I find myself drawn to reading novels about women who are not necessarily strong, but fighting a good fight. Spending time with these fictional ladies has an inspiring affect. I am giving away a collection of my favorites plus a folded fan. Perfect for the summer. […]

Heartbreak City Coloring Page

A drive through the emotional landscape of a heartbreak city. Download this coloring Page. Print it. Color it in.

Heart Break City Map

Book Giveaway : Martin John by Anakana Schofield (closed)

When I read the Louis C.K.story in the news, I immediately thought of this novel. It tells the story of a public masturbator and the warped reality that lives in his head. The style of the novel is unique. Dark and twisted, the story reveals reality from a perspective that […]

Giveaway: Timeskipper by Stefano Benni (closed)

Timeskipper by Stefano Benni is many layers of fantastic. The author invents words and uses them consistently through out the book. For example, cigarettes are cancer sticks. Wild humor, a touch of magic, so many memorable characters. Like a vibrant intricate embroidery, it’s one of those novels you can get […]

The Dilemma

While writing Spoonful Chronicles, I found inspiration in making recipe videos that went along with what I was writing. Now that I am writing a novel inspired by traffic, I find it hard to figure out what type of videos to make that goes along with it. I tried to […]

Facebook refugee in search of a new digital homeland 2

My take on current social media landscape is this: I don’t trust facebook. I don’t trust google. I don’t trust twitter. I have been betrayed by popular platforms several years ago with the revelation that they are used for surveillance. The writing was on the wall. When I pay nothing […]

Brain Stop Coloring Page

As I am writing a novel inspired by traffic, I find myself contemplating traffic signs. I wonder if seeing so many traffic signs is sending us subliminal messages we are not even aware of. How many time do you see. Stop Yield Do Not Pass What if our poor brain […]

Donut Earrings Giveaway (closed) 1

”Mmmmmmm! Donuts!” — said Homer Simpson and almost everybody else. The problem with donuts is that there are so many different kinds. Fosted, boston creme, clazed, cruller, chocolate flavored or with sprinkles. Just writing these words is putting a smile on my face. Which kind is your favorite? Let me […]

Sexual Abuse Books

A list of worthy Sexual Abuse Books. A difficult subject matter that requires intelligent handling in novels.

Here Comes the Flood

Yesterday I had this strange dream. The pope was dressed in his full ceremonial regalia. Seated in a lavish office at beautiful desk, he was reading the novel I am writing right now. When he was finished, he stood up, walked outside of this office, down a hallway and into […]

Walking In Traffic Coloring Page

As I am in the midst of writing a novel about traffic, I find myself dreaming about all sorts of scenarios that happen during rush hour. Sometimes sketching what is happening in the novel helps me with the writing process. Here is a woman taking a walk in the city […]

Car Coloring Page

Where I day dream about cars and create a car coloring page. Download it. Print it. Color it in. Would love to see what you come up with.

Car Coloring Sheet

Super Cute Bejeweled Ice Cream Cone Necklace Giveaway (closed) 5

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? …Mine is pistachio. Leave a comment here or anywhere else to let me know. I am giving away this super cute bejeweled ice cream cone necklace. I hope it will spark something sweet in the life of whomever wins them. This giveaway is […]