Antar and Abla : an epic realistic love story 2

The story of Antar and Abla is a story like no other: Historically correct, yet of such mythical proportions that had Shakespeare, Scheherazade and Steven Spielberg knocked their heads together for one thousand and one nights they could not have produced a more satisfying narrative.

Antar and Abla

I Love My Body

25 reasons I love my body 6

After writing down a list titled “25 reasons I love my body” I began to notice radical changes in my perspective. I share this simple yet powerful tool with you hoping it has similar results in your life.

All The Shoes In My Closet

What Your Shoes Say About You 1

Watch me as I examine all the shoes in my closet searching for inspiration for my next novel. What your shoes say about you depends on your perspective.

How I Lost 50 Pounds | A Weight Loss Story 3

From October 2018 till October 2019, I videotaped myself at 4 different points to track my transformation. Watch what happens. How I lost 50 pounds? I wrote down all my secrets.

Halloween 2019

For Halloween 2019, I decided to dress as Carmen from Opera Carmen. A few years ago I got to attend the opera at a roman amphitheater in Verona Italy and I still feel inspired by it.

Carmen From Opera Carmen

Recipes For A Crowd Of 50 1

How to host dinner for 50 at home and learn to enjoy the experience. Practical tips and recipes included. Are you looking for recipes for a crowd of 50? If yes then I got you covered.

today I share a dream with you

Quotes About Writing

Having had the experience of a reader and a writer I reflect on some of my favorite quotes about writing.

What your handbag says about you?

Do you have a favorite bag? What your handbag says about you? Here is my favorite bag in the world. I love the story mine tells about me.

My favorite handbag in the world

Books And Flowers

Exploring why books and flowers frequently end up being photographed together.

Weird Things To Write About 55

There are weird things to write about and then there weird things to research while writing a novel. And finally there the family’s reaction.

Weird things to write about

A Drive Through Heartbreak City

Imagine you are driving a car through heartbreak city trying to find an exit. What twists and turns would you take to make it through?

Heartbreak City Map